Round 0 (trial)
Task Rectangles

Round 1
Task Orienteering [B]

Round 2
Task Mushrooms [B]
Task Coins [A]

Round 3
Task Fragments [A]
Task Squared Words [B]

Round 4
Task Evacuation [A]
Task Map [B]

Round 5
Task The Goat [A]
Task Map 2 [B]
Task Termites [A]

Round 6
Task Byton Tree [B]
Task Firm [B]
Task Planning the Roadworks [A]
Task Riddle [A]

Final round - practice session
Task Variable Subsequences
Task Rectangles 2

Final round
Task Sweets
Task Acyclic Decomposition
Task Divisors
Task Byteball Match
Task Army Training
Task Blindfold Nim
Task Termites 2