Round 0 (trial)
Task Rectangles

Round 1
Task Tables [B]

Round 2
Task (K,N)-knight [B]
Task Dice [A]

Round 3
Task Pawn [B]
Task Drilling [A]

Round 4
Task The Way to Bytemountain [B]
Task Stamps [A]

Round 5
Task Byteantean Towns [B]
Task Circular Game [A]
Task Permutation [B]
Task Quasi-template [A]

Round 6
Task Cakes [A]
Task Diamond [B]
Task Cards [B]
Task Fishes [A]

Final round - practice session
Task Chess
Task Rectangles 2

Final round
Task Type Two de Bruijn Sequences
Task Fibonacci Machine
Task Colouring
Task Programming Contest
Task Permutations
Task Watchmen
Task Tram