Round 0 (trial)
Task A Cat on a Keyboard

Round 1
Task Logarithmic Paprika [B]

Round 2
Task Bug [A]
Task Paper Clips [B]

Round 3
Task Diagonals [B]
Task Studies [A]

Round 4
Task Mosaicism [B]
Task Turns [A]

Round 5
Task Cliquers [A]
Task Questions [A]
Task Chessboard [B]

Round 6
Task Cliquers Strike Back [A]
Task Safe [B]
Task Potato [B]

Final round - practice session
Task Near 2
Task Near

Final round
Task Balloons
Task Idempotent Functions
Task Reconstruction of Byteland
Task Return of the Cliquers
Task Electricity
Task Computation of a Road Network Plan
Task Enumeration of Road Network Plans